Virtual Visit to Memorials

To answer the second part of the question first, I do think that certain memorials that we have studied so far can be more effective/ touching/ appropriate than others. Obviously, every memorial that we have looked at, is respectful and quite effective but personally I feel that a few in particular were the most effective and touching.

To me the best memorial came from Young’s lecture. Seeing how the Jews memorialize the Holocaust on Yam HaShoah in Israel was by far the most effective, touching, and appropriate memorial in my opinion. By having everyone stop and stand still, they themselves become living statues. This way of memorializing the Holocaust shows how far Jewish people have come since the Holocaust. Israel and Israeli’s themselves are the Holocaust memorial for the entire world.

I thought it was interesting when Young said that he worried that some memorials of the Holocaust might make a few people boil down Jewish identity solely to that of the Holocaust. I agree with this point to some degree. While every memorial whether It is a counter monument, a monument from Young’s lecture, the Topf &Sohne exhibition, even Auschwitz today all memorialize the Holocaust while trying to elicit a different emotion from people, they still bring the focus back to the historical event itself. This is another reason why I feel the Israeli tradition of Yam HaShoah is the best but also the most unique memorial. This memorial changes every year, it grows as the nation of Israel and the people of Israel continue to draw strength from their past rather than simply just remembering it. Screen-Shot-2013-04-09-at-11.18.52-AM


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