Reflection: Death Fugue


        In regards to the Androno quote where he argues that since culture gave birth to Auschwitz, to create any art based on that same culture is effectively denying what really happened in Auschwitz. He argues that poetry sort of be-little’s Auschwitz in a sense. The Holocaust is not just another atrocity, but it is an event that makes us questions the very point to the society, which gave birth to such an atrocity. While I agree in some regards to the point that Androno makes I think Celans poem “Death Fugue” is a good counterpoint. The fact that someone like Celan (who spent 18 months in a forced labor camp and whose parents died in a concentration camp) was able to come out of the holocaust and turned his experience into a piece of art shows the strength of the human spirit. This poem shows that we were able to win. The fact you can write poetry about such an atrocity gives society hope. Androno is belittling the strength of the Human spirit, while Celan and “Death Fugue” show its true resiliency.  This is one reason why I feel this poem is so significant to German literature.


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