Reflection: Online Exhibition

For this reflection I looked at “Life After the Holocaust”. I chose this section because I find it very interesting to learn about how people try and move on after such experiences. I also have always been interested in oral histories such as this. The first thing that I found quite interesting was that some 80,000 survivors migrated to the United States between 1945 and 1950.¬† The online exhibition collected oral histories from many survivors who told their stories. Some of those oral histories I listened to were those of Thomas Buergenthal, Blanka Rothchild and Regina Gelb. These survivors, all children during the Holocaust, have incredible stories. All of the stories that I listened too showed the great success that these survivors were able to achieve after the Holocaust. Sharing their stories and having them preserved as a piece of oral history is invaluable to future generations. By looking in depth at the Holocaust, future generations can learn about¬† the conditions that led to the Holocaust, and therefore understand ways to prevent another catastrophe. Also by listening to these incredible stories future generations can learn ways to preserve after such destruction. All of these survivors went on to live happy and full lives, something that must have been made much harder by their experiences in the Holocaust.


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