Reflection: “A Film Unfinished”

“A Film Unfinished” is a very well made and tremendously interesting film about the Holocaust. I thought that this film was quite powerful. Seeing the real images of people suffering in the horrible conditions of the Warsaw Ghetto was quite sad.  Focusing on a work of propaganda was an interesting choice and this showed the true power and importance these films had at the time.  The fact that the Nazis were purposefully trying to create a false reality of the Ghetto adds even more to the true horror of the Holocaust.  I also thought that having the survivors be interviewed about the footage added another level of realness to the film.  Seeing the sadness that is still with them after all these years was very saddening. One line in particular really stuck with me, one of the survivors has to cover her eyes when she is shown images of the dead in the Ghetto. She says that she is no longer immune to seeing images such as these and that she is actually happy that she can cry. I thought this was incredibly powerful, and made me think that I will never truly be able to understand the amount of horror that these people witnessed.


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